Multi-Loop Yoga Stretching Strap
Multi-Loop Yoga Stretching Strap
Multi-Loop Yoga Stretching Strap
Multi-Loop Yoga Stretching Strap

Multi-Loop Yoga Stretching Strap

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Improve your range of motion and flexibility with this innovative Multi-Loop Yoga Stretching Strap!

This stretching Strap is a 12- loop versatile and beginner friendly strap that provides safe and effective unassisted full body stretches while reducing the risk of injury.

Specially designed for control while you gradually improve your flexibility, this durable stretch strap is well-suited for all kinds of stretches at different intensities!



  • IMPROVE YOUR FLEXIBILITY. This Stretch Straps make it easier for you to perform poses than a regular yoga strap. Helps you hold a pose and stretch those muscles out without compromising form.

  • 12 LOOPS STRAP. 12 non-elastic independent loops make it easy to grip and adjust to any length you want. 10 of which are numbered so you can into position fast and also track your progress.

  • EXTREMELY VERSATILE. Not only can you stretch your legs, shoulders, back, arms or hips but also gives you greater control of how deep you'd like to get into the muscles.

  • ANY FORM OF EXERCISES. This yoga strap allows you to do a lot of style of exercises that you can do anytime anywhere!
  • EVERYONE’S STRAP. Yoga stretches are so easy to work with it even if you've never done them before. Highly effective for athletes, dancers or for physical therapy.
  • DURABLE AND LONG LASTING. This yoga strap offers optimal resistance and great stability, never losing its shape, rip or fray.

Multi-Loop Yoga Stretching Strap x 1pc

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